It is quite obvious that to run the steam generator, and we need an adequate power supply. To complete the setup and start enjoying your steam room, you first need to install all the accessories and sauna.

A standard 12 AMP plug socket won’t work properly for your steam room, which means you need to have a dedicated cable for that. So, let’s dig in on what electricity supply we need for sauna and steam room electrical.

Size: It depends on various factors, so there is no one standard size that you can go for. It depends on the size of the steam room you want to install, which will depend on the size of the steam generator that can create the required heat and steam. So, the size of cable and electrical supply that is needed depends on the size of the steam generator. Most of the domestic steam room uses a 40 – 60 AMP supply.

Power Supply: The power supply is one of the vital things to be considered while installing sauna and steam room electrical. So, before installing the steam room, the power supply needs to be installed. It will help in ensuring that the steam rooms are complete and can be fully commissioned. It would be better to get your place inspected by engineers first before taking any further decision. This can help to save time and money and can be optimized from here very easily.

Cost: So, one of the most common questions asked is how much does it really cost? Well, it doesn’t have a straight answer; it depends on factors. The first thing is that you need to run a cable from the mainboard to your steam room, which seriously adds to the cost. You are looking at approx. $2000- $3500 include material and labour and its depend how far the sauna room is from electrical panel and how easy to run the wire. The complete installation will take at least 6-12 hours, and depending on factors, it can be more or less.

Challenges: There is no hidden fact that you will have to face some challenges in all of this. One of the first things is your property will have a limited power supply. Most domestic power supply ranges between 100-200 AMP, which is used to run all electrical items of your house. In such a case, you need to be very aware that you can’t put all appliances and the steam room together in use. Doing this can trip the electricity of your home and can also result in some severe damage, therefor you need electrical contractor to calculate load and check your electrical panel size before proceed.

For taking any decision on sauna and steam room electrical, you must consider the above given points. It can help in avoiding some damages, and using a 40-60 AMP supply can be used. But, it depends on the size of your steam room and generator used to produce heat and steam.