Who does not want to enjoy a soothing hot tub spa experience in their backyard? It is an excellent way to have fun and offers a relaxing experience under the sun. You can absorb warm and comfortable rays of the sun and finish reading an unfinished book that was always on your bucket list.

It will be a great way to kick-start your weekend. However, the installation of a Hot Tub can be pretty tricky. This blog shall give you a complete guide on how to install a hot tub wiring in your backyard:

Switch off the Power of the breaker Box:

Follow the local codes before wiring a hot tub and begin with turning off the power at the main breaker box. Never fill your hot water tub with water until it has been wired correctly. Also, keep the tub at a considerable distance from power lines.

Support the spa Panel against a wall 

You have to mount over the spa panel against the wall, at a distance of at least 5 meter from the hot tub, which can help reduce the chance of someone touching the spa panel with one foot still in the tub of water, this can give you shocks. Also need to be ground properly and use GFCI breaker for more protection.

Dig the Conduit Trench 

Refer to your local building code to know the depth of the conduit so that you do not cut into a cable or a pipe. Then, use a shovel to dig the trench for your conduit from the electrical breaker to the spa panel. Also you can use the armour cable which use for outdoor or underground use.

Pulling of Wires 

When you install a hot tub, it is recommended that you insulate your copper wires. Always use the fish tape to pull wires from the spa panel if you use conduit, and do not forget to leave at least six extra inches of wire hanging from the spa panel.

Wiring of the spa panel: 

Follow the spa instructions for wiring your spa panel. You need to attach the wires to the spa panel according to their codes and instructions.

Wiring the spa panel to the breaker panel: 

Follow the instructions and lead wires coming from the spa panel to the breaker panel.

A piece of brief and efficient guide has been mentioned above that will help you with the wiring of your hot tub. Follow the instructions step by step to avoid missing any minute detail and never touch wires with wet hands, as this can give you some life-threatening shocks.

Read this blog to find out the ways to proceed for Hot Tub Wiring without any fuss.