Changing the wiring of the house can be done due to multiple reasons. No electrical instalment can as forever, and it is normal for them to undergo wear and tear. However, you can consider wiring your home when they get worn out, during shifting to a new house or when you try to meet the new technology trends. Moreover, it is a safe decision when you consider wiring; you simply cut all the chances of a possible current leak.

According to a survey conducted by the Canadian government, the maximum of residential fires was caused due to faulty wiring. However, the cost to wire a house will depend on the quality of the instruments and the total area of the house to be covered. In addition, any renovation and installation project require labour, and that involves determining the cost too. So, let’s discuss further and answer your queries related to the cost of rewiring your residence.

How much will it cost to rewire a new house?

In terms of Canadian national cost, the expenses to wire a 1,200 square feet house would be approximately between $9000- $13,000, which may vary. However, the cost may vary according to the different situations and conditions involved.

How much will the wire cost?

The cost of buying wires would be depending on type of wire. However, prices may vary depending on the size of the wire and can range up to $2000- $3000 when you include the cost of other electrical appliances like switches, boxes, GFCI, … The cost of them can be between $400-$1200 and you might require more and different type of material too.

How much will the labour cost?

The cost that determines the payment of labour will majorly depend on his experience and the number of work hours that he is willing to contribute to your project. For example, an hourly pay rate of any labour might range from $90-$150. Therefore, the total expenditure on labour can amount to two-thirds of the total expenses incurred in the renovation.

How much will a permit for wiring cost?

You will require an official permit for the rewiring of your house. The average cost for the permit can vary from $400- $650, depending on the rates fixed by your local authorities.

A piece of short and brief information has been provided if your house is planning to undergo some renovations in terms of rewiring. All the possible queries that might arise in your mind have been covered above. Go through the points mentioned above to understand more about the cost involved in rewiring your house.