G3eletric offers a wide variety of electrical services for commercial and industrial clients. Services consisting of new construction, remodels, lighting upgrades, improvements, and more.

Our Electical Services: Power/ Data Points, Energy-saving Lighting, Upkeep Internal, Maintenance of Outdoor Lighting, TV and Internet Point Installation, Fuse Replacements, Safety Devices & Switches, General Electrical Faults, Ceiling Fan Installation, House Rewires, & Power Box Maintenance.

G3 is a famous choice for electrical contractors popular in cities in GTA such as Toronto, North York, Richmond hill, …. It is a trustworthy name where you can find experienced electrical technicians specialized in their field of work. We provide promising master electrician services that include a wide range of work from:

  • Electrical Wiring
  • Electrical Repair
  • Hot Tub Wiring
  • Panel Change
  • Custom Home
  • Renovation (Kitchen, Basement, Washroom)

G3 aims to provide skilled and certified electricians who consider expert customer service as their top priority. We have a wide range of knowledge and expertise and are highly professional and skilled in their occupation. We can be trusted upon during times of emergencies and provide 24-hour electrical services. So, the next time when you have questions like “Electrician near me?“, you know who to contact. Not only will We be available at your service, but We also promise to have astounding finishing results.

Top-Notch Services provided by G3 Electric:

Home safety shall be the primary aim for any homeowner, and for that, you need an electrician brand that you can trust. G3 electric has been providing trained and licensed individuals that cater to all your home safety needs. Your safety is their ultimate priority. Your satisfaction is their commitment.

Effective Installation: From light fixture installation and pot light installation to transformer installation, G3 electric has it all covered. You can even contact them for home improvement projects that require renovations to your pre-existing electrical wiring and machinery. In addition, we can help you build a plan for your renovations roadmap that will help add space and value to your home.

Adequate Lighting: A lighted and bright home attracts energy, optimism, and positivity; therefore, it requires a service that knows your house requirements and can ensure safety too. These commercial electrical contractors provide numerous light options ranging from icicles and multi-colored bulbs to bubbles and beautiful lamps. We ensure your house looks inviting and pleasant every time you walk in.

Safety insurance: G3 electric regards their customer’s safety as their ultimate goal. We provide tamper-proof outlets that are safe for both adults and children. We are built with safety shutters that can block foreign objects from getting inserted into the hole. G3 electric uses modern solutions to tackle modern problems. We also provide home electrical components that are shockproof and easy to install.

Generators: G3 electric also provides generator installation services both for home and professional needs. These commercial generators keep you and your employees safe and sound in the event of a natural disaster. Licensed electricians are responsible for the installation process that make sure all local codes and safety regulations intersect. We even provide electrical maintenance and service upgrades if any of the installations go wrong.

A detailed overview of one of the top-class electrical service providers has been provided above that provides commercial electrical contractor services and custom home electricians designed to meet your personal needs and decor requirements, and safety. We will be your best choice if safety clubbed with luxury and style, is your priority.

We work especially on the following:
Maintenance of your installations and equipment
Power Data Points
TV and Internet Point Installation
Fuse Replacements


Electrical Code Corrections           Electrical Demolition
Panel Upgrades                             Renovation
High & Low Voltage                       Interior/Exterior Lighting
Panel Upgrades                             New Construction
Custom Homes                              Residential Retrofit
Electrical Troubleshooting              Vehicle Charging Stations
Hot Tub power supply                    Backup Generator


Store Renovation                         Coffee Shop lighting
Transformer installation               Bank
Restaurant Renovation               Trouble Shooting
Emergency Call                           Install Panel/Disconnect
Roof Top Unit                              Control wiring


We have more than 15 years experience in electrical field and by completing many electrical project in custom home, renovation, commercial, store, bank, school, high security area, control, service call, emergency and trouble shooting also knowledge of electrical code give us confident to work and serve the community.